Bygma's work with green initiatives is a continuous process, where we continually work to increase cooperation with external acotors about environmentally friendly products and actions so we can contribute to an increased awareness at the professional as well as the private consumer.

You can also read more about Bygma's CSR policy.

FSC- and PEFC certification

Bygma wants to promote the development of sustainable construction and in that connection Bygma is FSC certified since 2014 and PEFC certified since 2010.


- protects forests and people all over the world

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is a voluntary labeling to products of sustainable wood and paper.

FSC is a traceability certification where it is possible to trace back the wood to the forest or controlled sources. The forest owner, the sawmill and the producent all have to be certified and dealers need to have a trademark license to market FSC products.

When you buy a FSC certified product you:

  • Suppport people, animals and plants all over the world.
  • FSC ensures that no more wood will be cut than the forest reproduce
  • FSC makes sure that the forest workers are ducated and will have proper safety and salary.

Go for the FSC label and make a difference.

Look for FSC certified products FSC-C123896



– your garanty for sustainable forestry

When you buy PEFC certified wood you:

  • support a sustainable forestry of forest of the world
  • helps to protect forests for the benefit of present and future generations
  • helps to combat illegal logging